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The therapeutic effects of Shinrin Yoku - Forest Therapy

There is something mystical going on in this garden. These forest bathers are starting their day by getting in touch with nature.

What is Japanese “forest bathing” and
how can it improve your health

Forest bathing: The latest health craze in Japan

How forests heal people

When a forest heals

Melissa Bollinger Seiling, Niagara Nature and Forest Therapy is a social worker and Certified Forest Therapy Guide trained by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.
Tuesday August 8, 2017 in St. Catharines, Ont. Cheryl Clock/St. Catharines Standard/Postmedia Network

introduction to Shinrin-yoku by Amos M. Clifford

Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese term that means "Forest Bathing." It is a health-enhancing practice that is introduced in this brief video, courtesy of Visit our website and join the coalition to promote this wonderful practice and connect more people to nature.


Introduction to Forest Therapy

A brief introduction to Forest Therapy, a gentle practice of mindful awareness and connection to nature that promotes wellness. Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku ("Forest Bathing", as well as ecotherapy, ecopsychology, and nature connection. Taped during a guide training session in September of 2014 in Sonoma County)

Forest Therapy pathways to well being

A podcast interview by Dr. Helayne Waldman with Amos Clifford, the Director and Founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. Topics include theory, research, and practice of forest therapy. For more information visit
Published on Oct 10, 2015

Forest Bathers' Seek Therapeutic Effects of Trees

Don't call them hikers; they're “forest bathers”—people who swear by the therapeutic effects of trees. The movement is gaining popularity from Japan to Hollywood, and includes fans such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Bieber.
Photo: Miho Inada/The Wall Street Journal 5/9/2017 3:39AM