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This is a wonderful way to become more present in your life, in nature. What a gift! Reminded me of being a child and looking through her eyes." -- Kathy L.

"Mark and I couldn’t even think of a nicer way to have spent the afternoon. Thank you so much, Nadine!" -- Susan C.

"There is so much for which to thank you for yesterday's Forest Bathing at Tower Hill. I had no idea what to expect, thus every invitation was a wonderful exercise of mind and body...especially mind. You are a natural Forest Bathing leader! You have such a calm, peaceful, and nurturing way about you. I know for sure that you shall see me again as a walk participant. Your 3-hour retreat at Tower Hill was life-changing. I am not content to just experience that one class. I would like to do more as my life schedule allows. Please know you have had a great influence on me. With sincere gratitude and thanks" -- Sarah F.

“More people need this in their life.” — Debra F.


from a walk on a rainy day

"Don't let the bad weather scare you. It enhances the experience" -- Julie

From Kids:

"I would say: It will give you a better respect for nature. It is very fun and you learn a lot."  --  12 year-old participant

"If you want to get deep inside yourself then I recommend this to you." 
--  12 year-old participant

Forest Bathing for Dog Owners:

I will forever walk through the fields and forests with heightened sensations and appreciations. THANK YOU!
-- DL and Lucy