About the Publisher: Blue Cloud Books

Blue Cloud Books Logo low.jpg

Blue Cloud Books is the publisher of Forest Bathing with your Dog and was founded by Nadine Mazzola. The name for Blue Cloud Books has a bit of a story behind it.

At one point in my life, I attend a workshop, and we were asked to draw our life map. Colorful markers of all sizes and shades were spread across a big round table like a kaleidoscope. I took a big sheet of paper and set to work or perhaps it was play. My map took on the theme of a garden, my garden. There were flowers and sweet, green grass. A watering can was added bringing the nurturing of water to help things in my garden grow. The flowers in their various phases represented the present, past and future parts of my life, my passions, my gifts to give and receive and my connections. The water represented the people and things that nurtured me along on these various journeys. Above it all I drew a sunny, blue cloud.

When I showed the map to my husband, Jerry, and had pointed out all the different parts of my garden-life-map, I hadn’t mentioned the cloud and he asked me about it. I replied that I didn’t know but I had a strong feeling it needed to be there. Without batting an eye, Jerry stated he knew what the cloud stood for. What?, I asked. The cloud is you when you are happy with yourself he said. That’s you when you are in your element and being “you” he stated. And so the name Blue Cloud Books and this book itself represents that journey of becoming and being my authentic self. Of doing what I love and being me.